Red Rox Volunteers



Our entire unincorporated organisation is run by volunteers who find the time in their busy lifestyles to establish, coordinate and develop our events as well as creating community projects. Each volunteer has an equally important role to play within the team and are always encouraged to bring new ideas to our attention. Our committee members insure these ideas are put into action.

Management Committee Members

  • Tracey Cass - Chairperson
  • Liam O' Neill - Vice Chairperson
  • Colin Cass - Secretary & Social Media
  • Cath McDonald - Treasurer

Committee Members

  • Michael Bowie
  • Conner Ladley
  • Kathleen Duncan

We provide a positive and productive volunteering experience with opportunities to develop key skills in multiple areas, such as communication, teamwork, event planning, confidence improvement and many more. We have multiple community projects as well as host many events throughout the year. We are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking volunteers to Join our team, from any age to all walks of life. Make this your opportunity to make a change in your local community with the support of an amazing team.

If you are interested in volunteering for Red Rox Events & Fundraising

Contact Tracey Here:

Team Profiles


Colin Cass

Occupation: Staff Nurse & Life Coach

It has been a privilege to be Chairperson for Red Rox Events & Fundraising. The past four years has been an excellent opportunity to fundraise and improve our local communities. I have especially enjoyed meeting new volunteers and other organisations as we continue to develop new events and projects. Recently I have been able to apply my extensive background in Events First Aid, First Aid tuition and more recent Nursing skills into creating first aid courses suitable for vulnerable adults and children. This is an area I am very passionate about and look forward to developing this further. This is a prime example of how this organisation supports new ideas from any member of the team and produces that idea into reality. Another reason I love volunteering for Red Rox Events & Fundraising.


Liam O’ Neill

Occupation: Freelance IT Consultant

I joined the Red Rox Organisation 4 years ago, giving I.T. recommendations and later becoming Treasurer for the Organisation before advancing to the role of Vice-Chairperson the year after. During the 24 hour Challenge I am in charge of Communications between the walkers and support groups on the hill and the support staff at Base Camp. This way the walkers can be tracked and kept up to date with any relevant information required.

Tracey Cass

Occupation: Administrator for an Oil Services Company

I was introduced to Red Rox through Colin, one of the founders. His drive and vision on helping people was inspiring and I wanted to get involved. I love the idea of raising funds for different charities and helping communities and people in need.


Conner Ladley

Occupation: Full Time Education

I want to volunteer to help make a difference to people who need help. After losing my granddad to cancer I felt although the charities who helped him did an amazing job and I wanted to give something back and this is a way I wanted to do it. Seeing people smile when they are Ill is one of the things I like. This is because no matter how Ill they are they can still see light in even the darkest of places. After Helping at the 24 hour challenge I felt great. As I know I helped contribute towards some amazing charities. Being apart of this experience pushed me both physically and mentally and gave me the opportunity to work within a great team knowing my opinion was valued.

Kathleen Duncan 

Occupation: Review Assistant

I first heard about Red Rox Events & Fundraising through current volunteers Tracey and Colin. They highlighted various activities and events  they have organised so far and was inspired by their future plans regarding fundraising.

I have to admit that when they asked if I'd like to volunteer at the Red Rox 24 hour challenge 2016, I was wary as it was something I've never done or experienced before which made me give it go for the "why not" decision. However it turned out to be an exciting and emotional experience, which has given me the interest to participate in future events. I'd suggest anyone to give it a go as the team as a whole are very welcoming and hard working with everything they do regarding Red Rox Events & Fundraising.

 Michael Bowie

Occupation: Full Time Education

I decided to join Red Rox Events and Fundraising to not just try and help other people but to also try and make changes for myself.

I am the youngest volunteer and have been with the organisation for some time and continue to be a valued member of the group.I'm looking forward to continuing volunteering in future events within the organisation.

Cath McDonald

Occupation: Office Manager

I was introduced to Red Rox Events & Fundraising through Tracey. Looking for something different to do as a personal challenge in 2016 I decided to take part in the Red Rox 24Hr Challenge. The Event was quite unique in that each participant was taking part to raise funds for a Charity of their choice. As a result, I found out about Charities I would never have heard of otherwise. Having seen how well organised the Event was, how welcoming and encouraging all the volunteers were, I wanted to get more involved and signed up to be a volunteer myself.