“During Colin’s placement at Stromness Surgery in Orkney, a situation arose where he, along with the community nursing staff, was unable to source a suitable wheelchair for a terminally ill young patient.  Following this, Colin decided to organise the ‘3 Bens Challenge’ with his Red Rox team to raise money to buy a wheelchair for the community.  They completed the challenge well within the target time and succeeded in raising enough money to buy a custom built, self propelled wheelchair for the practice.  The team came up to Orkney in September to present the wheelchair to the practice.  It has already been a fantastic resource for the practice and a number of patients have benefited from it.  On behalf of the Stromness patients, doctors and staff our thanks go out to Colin and the team for providing the wheelchair.
Maureen Sinclair
Practice Manager – Stromness Surgery (NHS Orkney)”


Red Rox 24 Hour Challenge 
“A massive thank you from our crew for a well run day, nice friendly supporters, excellent food and amazing cup cakes. What a challenge; definitely through the best scenery Scotland has to offer, topped of by an amazing sunset. Outside we were all happy and smiles, inside our poor bodies were screaming. Walking like a broken man today, but the pain will pass long before the great memories of the challenge.
 Team Highlanders, Mark Laughlan, Ian Bright, Kenny Munro and Brenda Munro (support person)”


Red Rox 24 Hour Challenge

The volunteers were attentive, supportive and helpful at every point of this event. I was made to feel safe by the Red Rox team, especially when given a radio and contact card at the beginning of the event. I really enjoyed the entire event, thank you.

Tracey Copeland-participant


Hikeit – 24 Hour Challenge 

This event was value for money and an unforgettable experience. The organisation was very helpful and the volunteers were wonderful, caring, motivated and passionate throughout. would definitely recommend this event to all.

Georgina Fleming- participant.

The event for me was challenging, but I did not want to give up. It was a brilliant achievement and really enjoyable event. I was left feeling really proud of what we had covered. Thank you so much for this experience, your aspirations are inspiring.

Siobhain Leith- participant

Everything was very well organised and communications within the team was really good. My body was challenged physically and mentally for endurance and stamina. the volunteers were there for us at every step of the way, not just on the radio provided to us for safety, but in person at the bottom of every mountain waiting for us to finish. We really appreciated that. I enjoyed pushing myself, proving that I could do it. The feeling of achievement and accomplishment at the top of each mountain and at the very end was well worth it. We also got to help some real good causes along the way. Thank you.

Amy Reid- participant