Pulse Health Improvement


PULSE Health Improvement SCIO is a Scottish Charity and we promote awareness of health related issues, education on first aid and CPR, and implement the use of public accessible defibrillators.
We are currently working on a joint community project with a  local organisation called Red Rox Events and Fundraising where they are raising money for public accessible defibrillators for regeneration areas of Aberdeen. As well as purchasing these defibrillators we are providing these communities with defibrillator awareness sessions, which will educate the communities on how to use this life saving equipment.

We also had an event in Aberdeen’s City Centre to give Free Hugs and what a day that was!!!. This will be something we do throughout the year and hope you all can join in with us and make someone smile, especially with a review like this…

“My daughter loved getting a free hug. Shows that even 4 year olds know the power of a hug” – Member of public

#freehugs #makesomeonesmile

#healthawareness #firstaid #padandcprawareness

Free Hugs