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No Known Medical ConditionsBack or neck pain/injury in the past 2 yearsCoronary conditions Angina/MI/otherDiabetes type 1 type 2Respiratory condition Asthma/ pulmonaryoedema/COPD/otherFits or convolution of any kindHypertension/ HypotensionOther relevant conditions

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Event Disclosure

Hillwalking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or
even death. Those participating in such events should be aware of the risks and accept the responsibility for their own actions and involvement. No responsibility can be accepted by the Red Rox Events & Fundraising or any other parties involved in
the organization or coordination of the event for any incident to yourself or a member of your team.

I hereby declare that I am physically fit enough to participate in Hikeit 2018 and agree to the terms and conditions of the above disclosure. (required)

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Use of Filming and Photography Disclosure

On previous years we have filmed the event and would like to continue to do this. If
you would like to contribute your film and footage to the final amateur documentary
please state below and provide all footage on a USB stick. A member of Red Rox Events and Fundraising will provide you with a postal address, USB sticks will be returned to sender after footage is copied.